Triple Digits

I wanted to be sure that I stayed this way for a while but I have crossed into triple digits of weight loss.  This morning I was at 104 pounds lost.  65-70 pounds left to go.  It’s hard during the holidays because there are so many oppourtunities to just graze.  I can’t over eat because I’ll just return what I ate, but I can graze with the best of them.  I am trying to work increasing my activities to better keep the weight off and bring up my good cholesteral numbers.
Have a Merry Christmas!
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Finally crossing the line

I sat on a plateau for what seemed like forever, but I finally crossed the line for more than just a day.  I have not been sub 300 pounds since I was 18 years old.   For the last week I have been just under the line, bringing my total weight los to 95 pounds with 70 more to go.  I had to kick in the activities to get off the plateau and started running 3 times a week at lunch.  Somewhere along the way this became work again.  I knew that it would and I just at the boys and work a little harder to be healthier.  That’s what it’s all about.  I really do promise that pictures are on the way. 

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80 and still going

With 80 pounds gone I have 11 more pounds to go to get below 300 pounds.  The last time I was at this weight I was in high school.  My goal is to be below 300 by the time go on our float trip at the end of July.  The new closthes at 6-8 inches smaller in the waist and have one less X.  During dinner this week I had never thought that it could take 45 minutes to eat a cheeseburger.  I’m about half way through my meal and the boys are done and they have eaten more than I’m going to eat.  I do know that eventually I will be able to eat more, but for now I have to be happy with what I can eat.  We’ll see if there are any pictures after the 4th.
Everyone be safe!
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70 never looked so good!

This morning I passed the 70 pound mark on my weight loss. 73 pounds to be exact.  I had to go running yesterday to it and it hurts to walk today! 😉  That was the first time I have gone on a run like that in over 4 years.  It was nice to be able to run like that and not have my knees hurt.  I need to get on the weight training so I don’t lose muscle.  James and Charles are starting to catch me with their big huge muscles.
I have discovered that not all fish is created equally.  Tuna, salmon, orange roughy are good to eat and easy on my stomach, catfish is not.  But I need the fish oil to go with the flaxseed oil to help my good cholesteral.  The exercising should also bring down my blood sugars which are almost normal at this point without taking any medication.
I want to publically thank Penny for all of her support.  There are days that make me wander why I did this and she helps me through those days.  Nothing like loving some one that ate too mucha nd is now throwing up in the bathroom.  That’s just a side effect of eating too much or too fast, it all comes back up.
More to come soon.
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The beginning of weight loss

On Monday 3/19/2007 Penny and I went out for "The Last Supper".  I had a wonderful ribeye at JBUCKS knowing that is was going to be another 7-9 months before I would enjoy a steak again.  Tuesday 3/20/2007 I began my liquid diet in preparation for my surgery.  The first was really hard.  Today hasn’t been as bad, but is almost 5 PM and I am getting really hungry.  But it’s worth it and Penny says that after the first few days it’s not so bad.  Now if I can get the people at work to quit bringing in Krispy Kremes I think I can make it.
4/16/2007 – Well I have returned to work 45 pounds lighter that I was on Feb 1, 2007.  The recovery has been very good and I am pleased to eat some food again.  malto Meal, Potato soup and cottage cheese have never tasted so good.  And I can even eat 1/4- 1/2 cup of food at each meal and I have had no problems.  The hardest part has been not drinking while I eat.  Talk about changing a habit.  That and not guzzling my liquids.  Please let me know of any questions that you might have.  In the next couple of months I will be adding an album with photos.
4/25/2007 – I’m at 50 pounds and holding and holding and holding.  But 50 pounds in under 5 weeks is pretty good.  I just have to wait for my body to adjust and start burning calories again.  But everything thin seems to be healing great and I have added fish and chicken to my diet while cottage cheese is still by best source of protein.  15 Grams in 1/2 cup.  That’s why it’s the original diet food I guess.  Low caleries, low fat and high protein.  It is cheaper to eat now though.  Since I’m not supposed to drink while I eat, I order water (free) and take it with me.  And the Tilapia I ordered the other night made three meals.  Something I never thought about before the surgery, but they say that American restaraunts serve portions that are too big anyway.  I’m starting to sound like a reformed smoker only with food!
5/22/2007 – I have hit the 65 pound mark and just went to see my doctor to see how I’m doing.  I haven’t taken any of my cholesteral or Diabetic medications since the surgery and my number were out of this world!  Everything was or close to normal.  I have had three wow moments in the past two weeks:
  1. I could wear the nursery pager on my belt without coming off.  That is a first ever!
  2. Penny gave me hug and realized that she could put her arms completely around me.  That hasn’t happened for about four years.
  3. I bought pants at Wal Mart.  No more big man store prices!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some may not understand the last one, but it’s s biggie!

I do promise that soon there will pictures.

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